What Tulsi Gabbard’s journey says about Democrats’ fringe voter problem

Source: Semafor
by David Weigel

“The first time Donald Trump captured the Republican presidential nomination, Tulsi Gabbard and the Libertarian Party agreed: He had to lose. Gabbard, then a second-term Democratic congresswoman from Hawaii, campaigned for Bernie Sanders until Hillary Clinton beat him; after that, she was reluctantly With Her. Libertarians nominated a ticket of two ex-Republicans, one of them who spent the campaign’s final week ‘vouching for Hillary Clinton.’ That won’t happen again. The LP, run since 2022 by the right-leaning Mises Caucus, announced on Wednesday that Trump would address its national nominating convention in D.C, an act of solidarity with a candidate who the deep state hates. Gabbard released ‘For Love of Country,’ a plea for Americans to join her and quit the ‘Democrat Party,’ which, among other sins, libeled and mistreated the Republican nominee.” (05/03/24)