House Leadership’s Undying Support for Henry Cuellar Now Threatens Dem Majority Chances

Source: American Prospect
by David Dayen

“When Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) faced a primary challenge two years ago from progressive Jessica Cisneros, the Democratic leadership closed ranks. They held fundraisers for Cuellar, recorded robocalls for him, appeared at rallies in his district, and took every possible opportunity to nudge Cuellar, a Blue Dog who voted against Democratic priorities on several occasions, across the finish line. After a recount, he ended up winning by only 289 votes. … A progressive would be too risky in TX-28, at a time when the House majority would come down to just a few seats. The thought of risk never came up in reference to Cuellar, even though, just a few months before that 2022 primary, the FBI raided his house as part of a corruption investigation involving business ties to Azerbaijan.” (05/03/24)