President of US Democrats’ “LGBTQ rights” astroturf operation fired over ties to Cuomo

Source: Seattle Times

“The board of directors of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest [organization dedicated to keeping LGBTQ people on the Democratic voter/donor plantation], fired its president, Alphonso David …. The co-chairs of HRC’s board, Morgan Cox and Jodie Patterson, said in a statement Monday that the board had decided to fire David, effective immediately, after the completion of an investigation into his actions related to the allegations against Cuomo. … As outlined in that report, the co-chairs said, David ‘engaged in a number of activities in December 2020, while president of HRC,’ assisting Cuomo’s administration in responding to sexual harassment allegations from Cuomo’s first accuser, Lindsey Boylan. This conduct was in violation of the HRC’s conflict of interest policy and ‘created damage to Mr. David’s reputation significant enough to impair his ability to effectively serve as the public face and voice of HRC,’ the co-chairs said.” (09/07/21)