The Phoniest Argument About Election Security

Source: The Atlantic
by David A Graham

“‘We are here to make sure Arizona voters can have faith and confidence that elections conducted in this state and this county have integrity,’ Ken Bennett, a former Arizona secretary of state working for the state Senate on the audit, said in April. ‘We’re going to be able to tell everyone in Arizona in a few weeks that they can have complete trust in their elections—or we have some areas that can be improved.’ … Using existing state laws that govern recounts and audits, Maricopa County has already conducted both a hand recount of a sample of ballots and a forensic audit. Given that these measures didn’t assuage the concerns of the state Senate, which not only is presumably more informed than the average voter about elections but also established the procedures, why would they convince an ordinary citizen skeptical of the election outcome?” (06/03/21)