Dealing with our new totalitarian reality, part 2

Source: Living Freedom
by Claire Wolfe

“There’s so much we can’t know. We can’t know whether our own ancien regime will fight for its life when the day comes or already be so rotted (like the old Soviet Union) that it will passively collapse upon itself at a touch. We can’t know what will replace it — something better or something even worse. Will we get Thomas Jefferson or Robespierre? Vaclav Havel or Fidel Castro? Or tiny states with different convictions (a few even leaning toward freedom!)? How about a Dark Age of a thousand years? All we can know is that, after some unknown period and one or more unpredictable triggering event(s) (the classic ‘Gradually and then suddenly’) our decomposing elite will fall. In the meantime we have two jobs to do. Just two: live with the new totalitarianism and plan to outlive it.” (09/07/21)