The War on Porn: Cancel Culture on Steroids

Source: Quillette
by Jerry Barnett

“The early rules (which tended to exclude only illegal sex acts) became broader and began to exclude acts (especially in the realm of BDSM) that were legal to perform or depict, but were considered a step too far by the banks. Potentially, the financial system now had a great deal of power to make moralistic decisions and censor sexual content. OnlyFans’s jumpiness at the possibility of losing their payment facilities was therefore understandable …. These events mark the culmination of at least five longer-term trends: increasingly muscular attempts by democratic governments to censor the internet; the use of banks and payment processors as censorship tools; a rising cultural tendency towards censorship of any ‘problematic’ content; the successful linkage of a largely baseless ‘sex trafficking’ narrative with sex work and pornography; and a zero tolerance approach to content platforms that holds them responsible for even a single illegal item of content.” (09/06/21)