How America Can Avoid “the Next Afghanistan”

Source: American Consequences
by Kim Iskyan

“The next LeBron … the next Amazon … the next Donald Trump … the next … Even before the last boots had left the ground in Afghanistan (and when the second-guessing, finger-pointing, and blame-allocation processes were just at the bottom of the first inning), the race was on to identify ‘the next Afghanistan.’ Whether we’re talking about generational, transformative success — or devastating, humiliating, epoch-defining failure — it’s human nature to skip to the last page of today’s best/worst ever… and start the next chapter. And identifying, and heading off, the next Afghanistan is worth the trouble. The 20 years of American effort and time and humiliation cost $2.3 trillion (that’s a thousand times a billion, if you’ve lost track of all the zeros), the lives of around 6,500 American soldiers and contractors, and many times more Afghans, and a multiple of both in terms of missed opportunity.” (09/06/21)