People pretending to fight for victims are ruining the lives of everyone

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“I’m so excited, because it’s time for: Hug your Thug! Yes, welcome to ‘Hug your Thug,’ where victims and their victimizers come together to see who the real criminal is. I’m your host, Joy Behar. First, let’s address a socialist candidate for New York City Council, Tiffany Caban, who, amid an increase in violent crimes and shootings, wants victims of violent crimes to work with their attackers in the name of restorative justice. By the way, if you see a word in front of ‘justice’ other than ‘criminal,’ you know you’re getting a dose of leftist nonsense. Legit justice requires law and order, something lefties hate more than soap and water. Caban calls it a public safety plan, but for whom exactly? Bringing the victim together with the perp who brutally beats her?” (09/02/21)