The Mob Rules

Source: The Honest Courtesan
by Maggie McNeill

“For years now, I’ve been warning about the government’s intentional dismantling of every established safeguard in the criminal justice system. The first step was to enact a host of laws turning ordinary, consensual, victimless acts into ‘crimes’ and then slowly eroding civil rights so as to make it easier for the State to arrest, charge, and convict people for these imaginary ‘crimes.’ Once there were far too many ‘criminal’ cases for the courts to possibly keep up with, the scene was set for transferring control of the courts from the judicial to the executive branch via ‘plea bargaining’ …. when that proved too slow a process, politicians hit upon the idea of persecuting individuals they wish to destroy with civil suits rather than prosecuting them in criminal courts, because civil suits have a lower burden of proof and may even allow the persecutors to make a profit.” (09/06/21)