The Strange, Sudden Silence of Conservative Abortion Foes

Source: The Atlantic
by David A Graham

“For decades, my colleague David Frum writes, ‘opposition to abortion offered Republican politicians a lucrative, no-risk political option.’ … Railing against abortion is easy as long as you assume that no court will actually outlaw it and you won’t alienate swing voters (say, suburban women) who lean conservative but back the right to choose. Now Democrats are hopeful that backlash will aid them in an uphill 2022 midterm battle, my colleague Elaine Godfrey reports. Why would Republicans tout a victory most people will see as a defeat? Not only is banning abortion outright unpopular, but overturning Roe might be a Pyrrhic victory for the national Republican Party, which would lose one of its strongest wedge issues. The abortion wars would not end (they never will), but the end of Roe would shift the battlefield and might take some momentum away from the right.” (09/04/21)