Do Republicans Have a Plan After 2022?

Source: Commentary
by Noah Rothman

“Joe Biden’s once consistently high job-approval ratings among registered voters are collapsing, and voters’ preference on the ‘generic ballot’ test ahead of 2022 indicates that Democrats are losing their Trump-era advantage. Republicans do not lack ways in which they might capitalize on the American electorate’s discontent. From consistently rising inflation, to a stalling economic recovery, to the Biden administration’s inability to tackle COVID and the return of restrictions mere weeks after Biden announced a ‘summer of freedom’ from the virus, to the shambolic and disgraceful display the United States put on in Afghanistan, the GOP enjoys a target-rich environment. But what do they plan to do with the trust they expect voters to place in them? So far, the Republican agenda is murky save one ominously explicit item: revenge.” (09/03/21)