A Clear and Present Lack of Danger

Source: Reason
by Alex Nowrasteh

“Todd Bensman’s America’s Covert Border War faces several challenges right out of the gate. First, it’s a work of speculative nonfiction about how terrorists plotting to kill Americans could cross the U.S.-Mexico border, even though none are known to have done so. Second, it was published 15 years after fear of Islamic terrorism peaked. Third, the Trump administration — the biggest source of public speculation about Muslim terrorists crossing the border — is over. Only the best of writers would have overcome those challenges to produce a good book. Bensman overcame none of them. This book’s biggest problem is that the author has nothing to write about. Not a single terrorist has illegally crossed the Mexican border and then committed an attack on U.S. soil. Bensman systematically exaggerates threats, selectively excludes information, and blurs the line between how terrorists theoretically could have infiltrated the country and what they actually have done.” (for publication 10/21)