Republicans Finally Caught the Car

Source: Model Citizen
by Will Wilkinson

“There are many reasons the Texas precedent is bad news for the GOP. It’s not just that the crusade against the wholesale slaughter of pure innocence — against the genocide of perfect porcelain microscopic baby children — is a crank Republicans have been able to turn to drive evangelicals and conservative Catholics to the polls, and they’d have to be blithering morons to break it off. Nor is it simply that the specter of post-Roe snitch-on-your-neighbor patriarchal authoritarianism is a Democratic turnout machine. This is such a big deal because Roe makes the GOP safe for moderately conservative white women they’re already losing in droves. … The GOP has been bleeding support from suburban white women for well over a decade. … Texas’[s] horrifying new law and the Supreme Court’s signal that it’s eager to toss Roe in a dumpster can only make matters worse.” (09/03/21)