The Creeping Orthodoxy of the Neurodiversity Movement

Source: Quillette
by Bill Williams

“The neurodiversity movement’s central claim is that autism is a difference, not a disorder. Autistic people struggle because society is not sufficiently accommodating, not because there is anything inherently wrong with autistic people. This is illustrated by what Damian Milton calls the ‘double empathy’ problem, which challenges the prevailing notion that autistic people lack empathy. Milton argues that this is a two-way street — neurotypicals lack just as much empathy towards autistic people as autistic people lack towards neurotypicals. This is simply because the two groups communicate in entirely different ways. Yet even if we were to accept this statement at face value, what practical implications and applications can be drawn from it? … Advocating on behalf of autistic individuals as if they constitute a monolithic group is a fool’s errand.” (09/03/21)