Is this the least productive congress ever? Yes, but it’s not just because they’re lazy.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
by Charlie Hunt

“Congress has once again been making headlines for all the wrong reasons, with multiple news outlets in recent months touting the current 118th Congress as possibly the least productive in the institution’s history. In 2023, Congress only passed 34 bills into law, the lowest number in decades. Congress was only recently able to pass a budget bill that will keep the government open until the fall of 2024 after months of delay and stopgap measures. As a result, House Speaker Mike Johnson’s gavel seems to be hanging in the balance yet again, as conservative Republicans revolt over his support for the bill. Even so, the dire warnings from the media, and even from members of Congress, about the legislative branch’s lack of productivity frequently lack context and are often misleading. Let’s drill down into the numbers and see what political science has to say about it.” (04/03/24)