Religion’s political power

Source: The Hill
by Mark Mellman

“Among the 32 percent percent of voters who never attend religious services, Joe Biden won [the 2020 presidential election] by 63 percent to 35 percent. Among those who attend services weekly, Trump prevailed by an almost mirror image, 61 percent to 37 percent. Americans who identify as Protestants — 43 percent of the electorate — voted for Trump by an overwhelming 20-point margin. Catholic identifiers — 22 percent of the voters — gave Trump an exceedingly narrow 1-point victory. The 13 percent who identify with some other religion supported Biden by 22 points, while the larger 21 percent block professing no religion gave Biden an immense 47-point victory. In other words, those affiliated with a religious stream, particularly a Christian denomination, voted for Trump, while Biden’s support came from those without religion. … Americans are losing their religion. But when Republicans hold power, it’s because of religious voters. ” (04/03/24)