WI: Surpassing Goal, 47,000+ Democrats Vote “Uninstructed” in Primary

Source: Common Dreams

“‘Rather than dismissing the wave of votes being made to stand in support of Palestine, listen to the demands the movement is making and shift policies,’ said one campaigner. ‘Stop sending weapons to Israel.’ Campaigners with Listen to Wisconsin had hoped they could convince 20,000 Democratic primary voters on Tuesday to select “uninstructed delegate” on their ballots to send the message to President Joe Biden that he can’t yet count on their votes in the November general election due to his support for Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. After organizing for less than a month, the campaign far surpassed its goal, with more than 47,800 people voting for the uninstructed option. The results ‘show how serious of a problem Biden will have in the general election if he does not change his policy regarding Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories,’ said Abed Ayoub, national executive director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.” (04/03/24)