CA: Oakland regime to install network of nearly 500 surveillance cameras

Source: SFGate

“The California Highway Patrol provided additional details to SFGATE about the 480 surveillance cameras set to be installed on Oakland streets and six East Bay freeways, as Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office announced Friday. Jaime Coffee, a CHP spokesperson, told SFGATE that Interstate 580 will have 78 cameras, Interstate 80 will have 21, Interstate 880 will have 45, Interstate 980 will have 11, state Route 13 will have 25, and state Route 24 will have 17 cameras. These are the first cameras CHP is using from a contract with Flock Safety, Coffee said. The Flock Safety cameras allow law enforcement agencies to search the data they capture for crime-linked vehicles and receive real-time alerts about them, Coffee said. The company allows data retention up to 60 days, but CHP’s contract will only allow it to collect, store and share data from the cameras for up to 28 days.” (04/03/24)