Abortions legal in much of Africa, but few women may be aware & providers don’t advertise it

Source: SFGate

“When Efua, a 25-year-old fashion designer and single mother in Ghana, became pregnant last year, she sought an abortion at a health clinic but worried the procedure might be illegal. Health workers assured her abortions were lawful under certain conditions in the West African country, but Efua said she was still nervous. ‘I had lots of questions, just to be sure I would be safe,’ Efua told the Associated Press, on condition that only her middle name be used, for fear of reprisals from the growing anti-abortion movement in her country. Finding reliable information was difficult, she said, and she didn’t tell her family about her procedure. ‘It comes with too many judgments,’ she decided. More than 20 countries across Africa have loosened restrictions on abortion in recent years, but experts say that like Efua, many women probably don’t realize they are entitled to a legal abortion. ” (04/03/24)