Seeds of honest governance in Africa

Source: Christian Science Monitor
by staff

“Three decades ago, after South Africa made its transition to majority rule, African leaders began to set down principles for governance on the continent. Those agreements planted the seeds for what most Africans now see as essential: that democracy can lead to peace and opportunity. In 2024, when more than a dozen African countries are slated to hold elections, those expectations are resulting in new benchmarks of progress. Last month, for example, Senegal’s highest court prevented an illegal attempt by the outgoing president to stay in power or imprison opposition leaders. In Ghana, government leaders and civil society groups are working together to safeguard a December election from digital disinformation. South Africa today offers another encouraging sign. When its voters cast ballots next month, the African National Congress may finally lose the majority it has held since 1994 when apartheid ended.” (04/03/24)