Cali fast-food minimum-wage law’s already a disaster, and NY wants some too

Source: New York Post
by staff

“California’s absurd fast food wage law has been in effect for less than a week and it’s already made prices hotter than a fryolator. The law mandates $20-an-hour minimum wages for fast food workers (with one corrupt carve-out made to order for a campaign donor and biz buddy of Gov. Gavin Newsom). That’s translated to price hikes like $4 on a Big Fish meal at Burger King, 53% higher than pre-law prices. On the chain’s signature double Whopper meal, the hike was $1.80, a bump of nearly 12%. Progressives have turned Have it your way into Pay up, chumps! Don’t forget big chains like Pizza Hut are planning to slash jobs, leaving less opportunity for kids and less-educated, less-affluent adults. The move — much vaunted by progressives obsessed with economic justice — is going to make the state far less just, with higher costs and fewer jobs.” (04/03/24)