Florida’s the Sunshine State, not the Pitch-Black Dark State

Source: Fox News
by Greg Gutfeld

“Over the weekend, NBC News (which stands for Nothing But Crap) published a story titled, ‘They came for Florida’s sun and sand. They got soaring costs and a culture war.’ And it’s a masterpiece of cherry-picking — or orange-picking, since it is Florida. … As we all know, since the pandemic, people are flocking to Florida like Lizzo to a food truck. But did you know that not everybody is glad they did, says NBC: ‘While hundreds of thousands of new residents have flocked to the state on the promise of beautiful weather, no income tax and lower costs, nearly 500,000 left in 2022… contributing to their move was a perfect storm of soaring insurance, a hostile political environment, worsening traffic and extreme weather.’ They got all that from interviewing 12 people.” (04/03/24)