Outraged Christians are misguided about Transgender Visibility Day and Easter

Source: Orange County Register
by Rafael Perez

“It looks like some easily bothered Christians were angry or offended about President Joe Biden declaring Transgender Visibility Day during Easter Sunday. Donald Trump on the other hand is out there slinging Bibles and spreading the gospel like the good and pious Christian man that he is. This stark contrast truly reveals who genuinely cares about our traditional values. Why couldn’t Biden simply choose another day to declare the TVD? Easter can fall any Sunday of March and April. Transgender Visibility Day has been celebrated on March 31st since 2009, it just never happened to coincide with Easter until this year. Apart from this, neither Biden nor the government have any duty to defer to the beliefs and practices of Christians if they indeed conflict with transgenderism. Thankfully, we do not live in a theocracy.” (04/02/24)