The push for bilingual education will doom migrant kids to failure

Source: New York Post
by Betsy McCaughey

“New York City, Denver, Chicago and other cities are urgently recruiting bilingual education teachers as the children of migrants enroll in school. Bilingual ed will doom most of these kids to failure. All too often it’s an educational ghetto, producing dropouts who can’t speak English and face a lifetime of poverty. Non-English-speaking students should be given intense instruction in English when they first arrive at school and then mainstreamed to classrooms where students are taught only in English. The educational establishment says stressing English competency is ‘xenophobic.’ But immigrant parents deserve the truth, not political indoctrination.” [editor’s note: More than 40 million Americans speak Spanish. Why should they change? Just because Betsy McCaughey says so? – TLK] (04/02/24)