Biden’s Justice Department looks for scapegoats in overdose deaths

Source: The Hill
by Joe Grogan

“Americans concerned about the politicization of our legal system won’t be comforted by the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Walmart’s alleged role in the opioid crisis, which looked political from the jump. A federal judge telegraphed earlier this week that the suit is also far-fetched. U.S. District Judge Colm Connolly tossed two of the government’s four claims in a Monday order, and left the Justice Department a steep path to climb as to the two remaining allegations. The two claims Connolly dismissed concerned theories about Walmart pharmacies failing to report suspicious transactions and internally document ‘red flags,’ or indicia of illegitimate prescribing activity. The Justice Department must now show that chain pharmacists were obliged to do better spotting, investigating and halting what might have been illegitimate prescriptions from Drug Enforcement Agency-approved doctors — a task that federal law assigns to the government and which the government itself has repeatedly failed to do.” (04/02/24)