Give Californians Same Medication Access That Australians, Canadians, Coloradans Enjoy

Source: Cato Institute
by Marc Joffe & Jeffrey A Singer

“In February, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill authored by Sen. Scott Wiener that makes it easier for Californians to obtain PrEP and PEP, medications that prevent HIV infection, without a doctor’s prescription. California already allowed pharmacists to prescribe these drugs but limited patients to a 30‐​day supply. The new law expands it to 90 days, which makes it easier for Californians to avoid infection from this dangerous virus. Yet lawmakers can do much more to expand access to other important treatments by broadening the scope of pharmacist prescribing. More than half of all pharmacists today have doctorate degrees (PharmD), for which they receive as much classroom and nearly as much clinical instruction as medical doctors. They often know more about drug interactions and side effects than physicians, and physicians often consult pharmacists before deciding on what medication to prescribe.” (04/02/24)