We Were Lied Into the Gaza Genocide. Al Jazeera Has Shown Us How

Source: Antiwar.com
by Jonathan Cook

“For weeks, as Gaza was battered with bombs and the body count in the tiny enclave rose inexorably, Western publics had little choice but to rely on Israel’s word for what happened on 7 October. Some 1,150 Israelis were killed during an unprecedented attack on Israeli communities and military posts next to Gaza. Beheaded babies, a pregnant woman with her womb cut open and the foetus stabbed, children put in ovens, hundreds of people burned alive, mutilation of corpses, a systematic campaign of indescribably savage rapes and acts of necrophilia. Western politicians and media lapped it up …. as the mountain of bodies in Gaza grew still higher, the supposed evidence was shared with a few, select western journalists and influencers. They were invited to private screenings of footage carefully curated by Israeli officials to paint the worst possible picture of the Hamas operation.” (04/02/24)