The Conservative Legal Movement Got Everything It Wanted. It Could Lose It All.

Source: The Dispatch
by Gregg T Nunziata

“Trump made clear at every turn that his presidency would inevitably test our constitutional framework. Yet, in what would prove a critical decision, he mollified conservative critics by promising to choose his future Supreme Court nominees from a list of pre-announced names, full of legal conservative stalwarts. … these advances in jurisprudence came at a deep civic cost. The president with whom legal conservatives allied themselves used his office to denigrate the rule of law, mock the integrity of the justice system, attack American institutions, and undermine public faith in democracy. Beyond the rhetoric, he abused emergency powers, manipulated appropriated funds for personal political ends, and played fast and loose with the appointments clause, all at the cost of core congressional powers. … Ominously, there are signs that the illiberalism of the Trump era has begun to infect how some legal conservatives think about their core commitments to the role of the courts.” (04/02/24)