The Constitution’s unequal protection of voters across America

Source: Orange County Register
by Raoul Lowery Contreras

“Many people in the United States of America, particularly in California, Texas, Mississippi and South Carolina are denied their constitutional right of ‘Equal Protection’ every four years when they vote for president. Their vote simply has no weight and is, for all intents and purposes, ignored. That’s because of (1) where they live and (2) the color of their skin, and (3) what party they vote for and (4) if their choice loses the state. In particular, California, with 40% of its population Hispanic (15.4 million people) lacks ‘equal protection’ for Republican voters in general but specifically for Hispanic Republicans – a growing number every election. They throw their vote for President away because the state is so Democrat that even though millions of Californians vote Republican, their vote doesn’t count in a presidential race.” (04/01/24)