The Right Can’t Love America Because it Hates Liberalism

Source: The UnPopulist
by Cathy Young

“At this point, pro-Putinism is no longer an undercurrent in right-wing rhetoric: it’s on the surface. But not all Putin-friendly conservatives are the same. For some, their hatred of the American left overrides any feelings they have about Putin. Others are more ideological: they oppose the Western liberal project itself. … The idea of Russia as a bulwark of traditionalism and ‘anti-woke’ resistance is an image the Putin regime deliberately cultivates — not only to appeal to its own population’s biases but to win friends among conservatives in the West. … Yet distaste for post-1960s social and sexual liberalism doesn’t entirely explain the right’s Putin love. Some right-wing pro-Putin rhetoric indicates a far more radical rejection of liberalism, even in its more classical varieties (the liberalism of John Locke and John Stuart Mill as opposed to the progressivism of Michel Foucault or Ibram X. Kendi).” (04/01/24)