CT: After years of debate, state becomes one of last states to allow early voting

Source: SFGate

“For the first time, Connecticut has allowed people to cast ballots early, in person, ahead of an election, years after almost every other state in the country offered voters that option. Saturday marks the final day of early voting before Tuesday’s presidential primary and turnout so far has been light. After the first three days of voting — there was no early voting on Friday because of the Good Friday holiday — 13,476 voters out of more than 1.2 million registered Democrats and Republicans had cast their ballots in person. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump already have secured the required delegates to be considered their parties’ presumptive nominees, so the stakes are not high. Despite the relatively small turnout as a result, state officials said they were pleased, noting there had been no major issues with the new system.” (03/31/24)