Biden vs. Trump Is the Rematch that America Wants

Source: The UnPopulist
by Andy Craig

“The rematch is here. On March 12, Joe Biden and Donald Trump surpassed the number of delegates needed to win their party nominations, making it a virtual certainty that one of them will go on to win the 2024 election. According to The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, Jon Stewart, and countless others, Biden vs. Trump is the ‘rematch nobody wants.’ But is that true? The idea is these are not the candidates voters genuinely prefer. If we could fix the structural features or recalibrate the political norms that are somehow frustrating the vox populi, we would have a system that is more in tune with what Americans want in a deeper, truer sense. With these repairs to the process in place, we would not be saddled with Biden vs. Trump. The problem with this argument is there is no good evidence the American people actually would have chosen anybody else.” (03/28/24)