CA: Feds propose killing nearly 500,000 “invasive” owls to save native ones

Source: SFGate

“A group of 75 animal rights organizations, including several in California, signed a joint letter sent to Interior Secretary Deb Haaland on Monday urging her to nix a proposal by the U.S. Department of Fish & Wildlife to shoot nearly half a million ‘invasive’ owls over the next 30 years. The goal, according to the plan, is to eliminate habitat competition between barred owls and native northern spotted owl and California spotted owl, two endangered subspecies of spotted owls. While still in its early stages, the proposal calls for shooting an estimated 470,900 barred owls — primarily with shotguns — across land in Washington, Oregon and California over the next 30 years. In their letter, the animal rights groups called the practical elements of the plan ‘unworkable’. ‘This plan will cause severe disruptions to wildlife from the forest floor to its canopies, producing an untold number of mistaken-identity kills of other native owl species (including spotted owls),’ the letter said.” (03/28/24)