McDaniel’s NBC News firing: Must-see-tv proves leftist [sic] media set rules they never follow

Source: New York Post
by Miranda Devine

“The ‘Mean Girls’ pile-on at NBC against Ronna McDaniel is the perfect demonstration of what bullies all these leftists are — while pretending to be paragons of compassion and empathy. They lecture everyone else about the evil of bullying and impose disastrous ‘anti-bullying’ measures on schools only because they want to reserve this instrument of social control for themselves. When they attack a defenseless person in mob fashion, mock them, denigrate them, punch them in the face and then kick them while they’re down, it’s not bullying. You must understand that the rules they set for us don’t apply to them, because they are the Chosen Few, the selfless TV anchors embarked on a crucial mission. They are always saving ‘democracy’, defending the underdog, ‘Speaking Truth to Power’ or, in McDaniel’s case, preserving the ‘Sacred Airwaves’ of NBC and its crazy sister in the attic, MSNBC.” (03/27/24)