Same old, same old

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“It seems that the ‘white hope’ of the 2024 presidential election (in many eyes) has chosen a running mate. This makes the election more problematic, and more of a mess. Robert F Kennedy Jr. has chosen Nicole Shanahan, a California ‘criminal justice’ activist and long-time (relatively – she looks pretty young) supporter of Democrats and regressive causes. … And there are at least some so-called Libertarians who seem to be pushing RFKJr for the Libertarian Party nomination. Not quite a fusion ticket, since he claims to have split from ALL political parties. (Which shows that even some of these nominal Libertarians themselves don’t think of the LP as a ‘real’ political party.) Frankly, that would be a worse disaster than nominating Bob Barr a few years back (2008).” (03/27/24)