Poll: Support for Israel War on Gaza Plummeting Among Key Biden Voters

Source: Common Dreams

“A Gallup survey released Wednesday shows that U.S. public support for Israel’s military assault on Gaza has plummeted since November, with the decline particularly sharp among Democratic voters whom President Joe Biden will need to turn out to win reelection against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. Just 18% of Democratic voters currently approve of ‘the military action Israel has taken in Gaza’ and 75% disapprove, according to the new poll, which was conducted between March 1-20. In November, 36% of Democratic respondents expressed approval of Israel’s war and 63% disapproved. ‘The crosstabs are even more striking — nearly two-thirds of people under 54, people of color, and women disapprove of the military action in Gaza,’ Sam Rosenthal, political director of the progressive advocacy group RootsAction, told Common Dreams in response to the new poll. ‘That is effectively the Democratic Party’s base.'” (03/27/24)