All Communications Between Myself and Chelsea Manning Since 2016: To Debunk Her Innuendo

Source: Glenn Greenwald
by Glenn Greenwald

“I have long been one of Chelsea Manning’s most ardent defenders, both publicly and personally. … Once she was out of prison, our only communication was via Twitter DM. It was largely friendly, though after a couple years, she began complaining about my politics and specifically about my going on Fox News. I have not uttered a word to her since 2018, almost three years ago. That is why I was rather shocked when, out of nowhere, she took to Twitter earlier today with a deeply personal and vicious attack, claiming she was ‘terrified of [me] and everything [I] do’ and apologizing ‘to those [I] have hurt,’ adding: ‘im sorry i didn’t say anything I was scared and that’s my fault.’ … I am publishing every word I have exchanged with Chelsea since 2016 — all by Twitter DMs — to refute her scurrilous innuendo and demonstrate that her only grievance with me is that she no longer likes my politics.” (09/02/21)