Abortion Rights and the Cold, Dead Hand of Anthony Comstock

Source: Common Dreams
by Thom Hartmann

“Yesterday’s Supreme Court session was a loud and persistent warning: America needs to pay attention. During oral arguments, the Comstock Act was invoked repeatedly by Justice Samuel Alito, Justice Clarence Thomas, and Erin Hawley, the wife of Republican Senator Josh Hawley, who was arguing before the court that the abortion drug, Mifepristone, should be banned nationwide. Now that it’s fairly clear the ‘sad doctors’ argument before the court yesterday was so pathetically weak they can’t use it to ban Mifepristone, anti-abortion activists are talking about finding a case they can push up to the court next year that will allow it to ban all abortions in the nation, and most birth control pills and devices as a bonus. How do they plan to do it? With the Comstock Act.” (03/27/24)