The EU is the Real Culprit of Censorship

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Robert Kogon

“The Supreme Court recently hearing arguments in the case of Murthy v. Missouri has refocused attention on the US government’s efforts to get social media platforms to suppress alleged Covid-19 ‘misinformation’ and the issue of whether these efforts crossed the ‘line between persuasion and coercion’ and thus constituted government censorship. But how could the government’s efforts have not constituted government censorship when it had a full-fledged ‘Fighting Covid-19 Disinformation Monitoring Programme’ in which all the major online platforms were enrolled and which required them to submit periodic reports outlining, even indeed quantifying, their suppression of what was deemed ‘false and/or misleading information likely to cause physical harm or impair public health policies?’ … the government in question is not the United States government, but rather the European Commission.” (03/26/24)