Serfdom under the TSA

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“By now, I’m sure that most Americans have their own personal stories about TSA abuse. The U.S. government’s takeover of airport security after the 9/11 attacks has made flying an unpleasant experience. This past weekend, I was flying back to Virginia. A TSA agent took my carry-on suitcase aside and opened it up. She then pulled out a container of talcum powder. She spent around 5 minutes intensely examining it and then testing it. Up to that point, it was simply a matter relating to the talcum powder. No agent was hassling me ,and I was just waiting for the testing of the talcum powder to be completed. I nonchalantly and innocently said to her, ‘So, I’m curious as to whether it’s bad to bring talcum powder with me.’ Well, that was obviously a wrong thing to say.” (03/26/24)