Dr. Kevorkian Was Convicted of Murder 25 Years Ago Today

Source: Reason
by Jeffrey A Singer

“Today marks the 25th anniversary of Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s conviction of second-degree murder for performing euthanasia on Thomas Youk, a Michigan man suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Kevorkian, a medical pathologist, had been defying state laws by engaging in assisted suicide …. But this was different. Kevorkian was not assisting a suicide. Kevorkian videotaped himself injecting Youk with lethal chemicals. He was doing all the work. And despite having received Youk’s informed consent, the Michigan Court considered it murder. … Autonomous adults have the right to govern their bodies freely, provided they respect the equal rights of others. Self-ownership includes the right to commit suicide. People have the right to request a physician’s assistance to commit suicide. They also have the right to ask a physician to perform euthanasia.” (03/26/24)