Togo: Regime adopts new constitution, parliament set to elect president

Source: France 24 [French state media]

“Togolese lawmakers adopted a new constitution on Monday, moving the country from a presidential to a parliamentary system and giving parliament the power to elect the president of the small West African country. The president will be chosen ‘without debate’ by lawmakers ‘for a single six-year term,’ and not by the public, according to the new text. The vote comes less than a month before the next legislative elections in Togo, but it is not yet known when the change — which was approved with 89 votes in favour, one against and one abstention — will come into force. Currently, the president can serve a maximum of two five-year terms. The change to the constitution, proposed by a group of lawmakers mostly from the Union for the Republic (UNIR) ruling party, was adopted almost unanimously.” (03/26/24)