Poll: “Anaemic” Liberal brand fails to motivate Canadians to vote them into majority government

Source: National Post [Canada]

“[Prime Minister Justin] Trudeau may find himself in real trouble on Sept. 20, after a new poll has found that majority of Canadians may vote for a political party other than the Liberals. The Maru Public Opinion survey found that 73 per cent of Canadians polled are open to voting for a party to run the country other the Liberals led by Trudeau, while a mere 27 per cent have remained loyal to the prime minister. The poll surveyed 1,514 Canadians between August 28 and 29 with a margin of error of +/- 2.5 per cent. Trudeau on Aug. 14 called a snap election for Sept. 20, arguing that Canadians deserved a say in the national fight to end the COVID-19 pandemic.” (09/02/21)