A Slow-Motion World War III?

Source: TomDispatch
by Tom Engelhardt

“I’ve been describing this world of ours, such as it is, for almost 23 years at TomDispatch. I’ve written my way through three-and-a-half presidencies — god save us, it could be four in November! I’ve viewed from a grave (and I mean that word!) distance America’s endlessly disastrous wars of this century. I’ve watched the latest military budget hit almost $900 billion, undoubtedly on its way toward a cool trillion in the years to come, while years ago the whole ‘national security’ budget (though ‘insecurity’ would be a better word) soared to well over the trillion-dollar mark. I’ve lived my whole life in an imperial power. Once, in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, it was even ‘the lone superpower,’ the last great power on planet Earth, or so its leaders believed.” (03/24/24)