Haitian airline resumes flights to Miami; emergency flights rescue 35 US residents

Source: United Press International

“Haitian airline Sunrise Airways was set to begin flights to Miami Monday as more U.S. citizens were evacuated amid ongoing gang violence in the island nation. The airline on Sunday announced that direct flights between Cap Haitien and Miami and Les Cayes to Cap Haitien with connections in Miami would be available from Monday through April 7. Sunrise Airways had been forced to cancel domestic flights after three planes were struck by bullets amid the gang fighting but it will operate flights for three days this week, allowing those with U.S. green cards, Haitian nationals and other people with necessary documents to leave the country. U.S. airlines have also grounded operations in Haiti after gangs stormed the Port-au-Prince airport on March 4, with charter flights serving as the only option for people to flee the country.” (03/25/24)