Report: FTC looking into broken ice cream machines at McDonald’s

Source: The Hill

“The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is reportedly looking into long-reported issues with McDonald’s ice cream machines that for years have become the butt of jokes from competitors and prompted widespread complaints from customers and franchisees alike. The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that the FTC over the summer sent a letter to McDonald’s franchise owners seeking details on reported issues with the machines that are meant to whip up milkshakes, soft cones and the popular McFlurry, a cup of soft ice cream mixed with candy and cookies. … The repeated breakdowns have prompted online petitions from customers demanding change, and an online tracker called McBroken monitors and lets users know about reports of machine outages across cities.” [editor’s note: My first thought was that this was an Onion satire. My second thought was “well, yeah, half the time when I want a damn sundae, their machine’s down …” – TLK] (09/02/21)