“Pro-Liberty” enablers in the GOP are sending America on a path toward authoritarianism

Source: Orange County Register
by Joshua Reed Eakle

“I have considered myself a libertarian for over a decade — since high school. I’ve long supported traditionally libertarian ideas such as limited government, fiscal responsibility, free speech, and the rule of law. For this reason, like many others, when I was entering adulthood in the early 2010s, I considered the Republican Party my political home. … In virtually all ways, Donald Trump has objectively failed to meet the most basic expectations of a pro-liberty President both before, during, and after his administration. Yet, over the last 6 months, rather than fight against his campaign, self-styled ‘pro-liberty’ Republicans set their sights on destroying each and every challenger that stood a chance at ending Trumpism in the Republican Party.” (03/24/24)