CA: San Diego men accused of making thousands of dollars through poaching ring

Source: SFGate

“Next time you’re in San Diego and enjoying a plate of fresh ahi tuna by the waterfront, you might want to ask where it came from. According to a March 20 news release, officers from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife uncovered a lucrative poaching ring involving a group of fishers and small business owners in the San Diego County area. After conducting a six-month investigation, the department discovered that 5,500 pounds of fish were illegally bought and sold for more than $26,000, CDFW Capt. Patrick Foy told SFGATE. Foy said the poaching operation involved bluefin tuna, yellowtail and mahi mahi. Though the investigation took six months, Foy said the operation’s full timeline is uncertain. ‘It is reasonable to assume the activity took place long before it hit the radar of wildlife officers,’ he said.” (03/24/24)