The First Amendment is under threat like never before

Source: spiked
by Sean Collins

“Under the First Amendment, the government is generally prohibited from censoring speech it disagrees with. The principle at stake in Murthy v Missouri is that the government should also not be permitted to force private entities to do that work of censorship on its behalf. In other words, the Biden government should not be able to strong-arm Facebook, Google, X and other sites into suppressing political speech or other views that it opposes. Preventing the government from undertaking such indirect, behind-the-scenes censorship of social media is especially important today, as the digital square has become the main forum for public debate. … the plaintiffs’ brief presents ample evidence of how the Biden administration crossed the line from persuasion to coercion of social-media companies. Yet, in this week’s Supreme Court hearing, it appeared that a number of justices were sympathetic to this ‘it’s just speech’ defence put forward by the Biden team.” (03/24/24)