How the West Upended the World’s Best Figure Skater To Undermine Russia

by Rick Sterling

“On 7 February 2022, the Beijing Olympics was underway and drawing international attention. Under the theme ‘One world, One family,’ the opening ceremony was spectacular. In the first days, the Russian women’s figure skating team won the team skating event. Experts were predicting they would sweep the individual competition. Then, news broke that one of the Russian skaters had tested positive for a banned substance. It soon emerged that the skater in question was the brilliant young Kamila Valieva. The positive test was not from a recent test, which were all clean, but from the end of December at the Russian National Championships. … Although the controversy started over two years ago, the decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) was only issued weeks ago, in early February 2024.” (03/22/24)